Welcome To ATX Rides!

ATX Rides will run again on November 9, 2012.

ATX Rides are free van rides to and from West Campus and Downtown. That’s it. Free. No strings attached…just safe and free rides from people you can trust. If you have more questions, click here to read our FAQ’s.

ATX Rides Pickup Locations

8 Responses “Welcome To ATX Rides!” →
  1. this is an Amazing service y’all are doing! Keep up the Good(or take out an ‘o’) work!!!

    • Also if i signed up today and it’s thursday, will i still receive a text for tonight?

  2. Why does this service only cater to west campus? It can’t be just because the main campus has an e-bus because west campus does as well.


    • Ben Coleman

      March 7, 2011


      Thanks for the post and to answer your question…we technically do WANT to cater to ALL of the students at UT! Our website only mentions West Campus right now because that is where we have had so many requests for rides to and from there that it has kept us busy. To be honest, we have tried to drive through campus and by the E-Bus stops there to advertise and see if people there would like a ride and we very rarely see anyone there. We just have not been able to adequately connect with the on-campus crowd. If you have any suggestions of how we can do that, where the best place to pick people up is, or how to get the word out, please let us know! Thanks again for the post and hopefully we will do a better job serving the on-campus crowd in the future.

      By the way…April 15th is the next time we are running this semester, and our goal for the fall in to run every Friday night!

  3. A north campus pick up spot (around 38th and lamar) would be very welcome…you guys are great! Spread the Love!


    • Ben Coleman

      September 9, 2011

      Thanks for the post! We hope that by the spring semester we can add some pick-ups more north as well.

  4. i see a ton of 2011 posts. is this service still up for 2012?


    • Ben Coleman

      September 27, 2012

      yes! We apologize for not updating this in a while, we were focusing on our facebook page! Our next run is Oct. 19th, we are running monthly. =)


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