1. How do I get a ride?

ATX Rides is just like the E-Bus…only better.  Come to one of our pick-up locations instead of an E-Bus Stop and get on our vans.  We drive people to downtown from 11pm – 1:30am.  We pick people up at our downtown location and bring them home from 1:30am – 3:00am.

2. How is ATX Ride better than the E-Bus?

We drive straight to the door of the club you are going to or straight to the door of your house.  No long walks.  Also, you’re always guaranteed a seat…not standing up in a crowded bus on you’re way home.  Also, we take care of you.  It’s a regular occurrence for us to help people when they get sick on our vans or even have a friend that needs a ride to the hospital.  We’re here to make sure your safe.

3. What can I expect?

In the vans you will find a safe driver and 1-2 student volunteers that serve as a host on the van.  These hosts serve to make the ride fun and enjoyable.  Everyone of our volunteers is there to serve you and hep get you home safely. We don’t preach about drunk driving…we don’t judge…we are just there to serve you!

4. If all of your volunteers are from different Christian clubs…are you going to talk to me about Christianity?
Only if you ask us about it.  We regularly get asked questions about our faith…and we answer them.  But our purpose is serving you in a non-judgmental way. When we say,  “free rides…no strings,” we mean it.

5. Where will you take me?

From West Campus, we will take you directly to the club or bar you want to go to.  From the Downtown area, we will take you directly home.  We currently do not drive north of 38th St, South of Town Lake, East of I35 or West of Lamar Blvd.

6. What if I need medical attention?

We will take you immediately to the ER at Brackenridge Hospital.

7. How often do you give rides?

At this time we run on various weekend nights.  We are trying to partner with different student organizations to increase our volunteer pool.  If you are part of a club that would like to help, let us know at atxrides@gmail.com.

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